Off Adventuring are we? You had best be well prepared!


Presenting the Adventurer Bundle!

Every Adventurer needs their basics, well we've pulled some of those together to make up this cool little bundle.


Whats in the box?

Well unlike our Mystery Boxes this one is pretty clear:

Every good Adventurer needs somewhere to take their field notes down in. So we've taken one of our classic rolling tray designs to create a refilable Notebook cover. These covers fit and come with an A5 Notepad (plain not lined) with standard ringbinder holes, so once your escapades have filled the pad you can put the jacket on a new one and keep going.


Of course Adventurer's need tools to help them solve puzzles, keep their senses tingling, and of course defend them selves. We've packed in 3 sets of dice with this bundle to make sure you've always got options. 

(These packs may vary but will colour co-ordinate with the bundle where possible)


Lastly, not quite the bag of holding you were hoping for, but we've included a rolling tray to match you notebook cover. These little trays are great to either roll your dice in to prevent their escape, or if you're like me keep your Dice pool all in one place so you can easily choose your weapon.


In short:

1 Plain A5 notepad with reusable Leather cover

3 Sets of 7 piece RPG Dice

1 Leather Rolling Tray

Adventurer Bundle - Mandala


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