• Rose Southerd

Once Upon A Time...

Well that's how stories are meant to start right?

Hand carved leather headband with collapsible foam horns.

So this is me.

Yup the one with the horns, start as you mean to go on and all that. The self proclaimed 'Workshop Monkey', curator or creator of all you find between these pages.

Artist, Leather worker, Foam smith.

Table Top and Live Action Role player.

Dice enthusiast and all things 'Geekery'.

How did we get here? I would say that's quite a long and boring story. The girl that never grew up, the costumes just got better. Somewhere along the way with the support of many friends and family i gave up my secure job to create fabulous things full time for fantastic people. People full of imagination, creativity, and wonderful ideas for interesting costumes and characters.

Here's to new things, new starts, and new fancy websites.


Workshop Monkey


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Embellishing Role players since 2010