• Rose Southerd


Updated: May 15, 2019

So we pressed that BIG go button on friday, okay so its actually a relatively small go button, but press it we did.

Our Target wasn't that high, i'll give you that. Having already invested in knives and stamps it was a rough estimate of what we had put in to get this project started.

The full story of how this project came in to being started with, like all the best things do, a Joke.

If we head back to early December last year we were down visiting my family, when my

sister decided to admit something. She had lost her Dice collection. Now all three of us, my siblings and I, enjoy a good table top adventure. My sister in fact is a regular on the Garblag Games Streams, so having lost her dice wasn't ideal. She has this theory of how long it takes lost objects to return and steps you can take to make it happen quicker. Having already searched her flat, admitting to people that you've lost the thing is the logical next step.

Over the next couple of weeks between family dinner and Christmas I set about designing and making a giant leather D20 bag for her to keep all her things in. My theory being that if it was big enough and 3D it would be a lot harder to lose. Luckily the original dice were found in their pencil case under some paperwork and the odd newspaper. So come Christmas she was presented with a giant purple leather dice bag, we all laughed and thought nothing of it.

The original Glorious Object, whilst i was working on it.

After Christmas however people started to ask her where it came from, it was really nice and they wanted one too. I posted pictures of all the gifts i had made on my social media pages. Specifically this picture and the same questions echoed again, 'Where/ how do I get one?'

Well as you can see the original is a little different from the version we have in our kit boxes. I laser engraved the numbers, as i didn't have a set of stamps the right size. All the lacing holes were made with stitching irons so the pieces have to be stitched carefully. The gold cord ends have sentimental value and came out of a box of sewing odds and end that our Grandma left me, i'm sure she would be happy to see them on here.

How to turn a one time thing in to something reproducible on a handmade but mass scale?

The first 9 prototype kits I cut and punched entirely by hand, and made pressure plates from wood with the laser to produce the embossed numbers. It worked well for producing a kit to get feed back on and see how well it would go down as a Kit project rather than a pre-made bag. The Feed back was good, but punching all those holes but hand was going to be a problem. I took the plunge, designed and ordered a press knife and set of number stamps.

Now here we are, fully funded in 1.5hrs and 4 days in we're just shy of 800% funding. Its been a crazy few days and I'm sure we're in for a few more yet



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